We work on an Exchange Service Only:

You need to send us your old part, before we can despatch the replacement to you, unless you’ve opted for the urgent replacement service. (Please see details below)

This Item is FULLY repaired, tested and comes with a one years warranty. If a fault occurs within the warranty period please return for an immediate exchange by return post. The original warranty period is not extended by the replacement. 


Buying Options:

Option 1. Non urgent:

Click ‘Add to cart’ and pay the Price of the item + Postage. We will not send the replacement Items before we receive your old part. Please send your old item to the below address, add your full name and address, order details or paypal reference so we can identify who the item is from.

Option 2: Urgent Replacement Service:

If you need the item urgently, then you need to pay an extra £60 deposit on top of the price of the item shown, the price of the deposit will be shown as an extra on the Postage price and will be refunded once your old part is received.

Please Click ‘Add to cart’, select ‘Express Delivery’ and pay (price of item + postage). £60 is the deposit.

How to claim deposit: 

You need to claim your deposit within 30 days of purchasing the item, To do this please send your old item to the below address, please add your full name and address, order details or paypal reference so we can identify who the item is from.

If you paid deposit by PayPal we will refund the deposit to your PayPal account.

If your old part is water damaged or burnt beyond repair, your deposit may not be refunded.


All parts come with a 1 year warranty, we do not extend warranty after the 1 year period.

When you claim under warranty you must send your faulty part first and we will check if parts are actually faulty, if so we will replace under warranty period.


We charge a flat £7.50 postage packing for UK and mainland areas, Orders placed after 3PM Monday to Friday will get shipped the next working day, orders placed after 12pm on Saturday will be shipped the next working day. If you live Offshore and in the Highlands, we charge £12 postage. If you’re purchasing from outside of the UK please contact us via eBay message.

Note: When you return faulty parts costumer pays return postage. Please ensure whilst buying, that the part you are buying is the correct one required, as we charge a 25% restocking fee.


Postal address:
17 Barretts Green Road,
(Next door to Jack’s Cabin Cafe)
Park Royal,
NW10 7AE.
Tel: 020 3719 2115